ein Bluttrinkender Dämon im alten China

China - Chiang Shih (also known as Kiang-shi, Chiang-shi Ch'iang-shih, Ch'ing-shih, Kuang-shii, Giang shi and Xianh-shi)
In China, it is believed that a human body has two souls. The first of these souls is the superior or rational soul. The second is an inferior or an irrational soul. The rational (superior) soul is believed to have the ability to leave a persons body during sleep and appear as a body double to that person. It is also believed that this soul could speak through or possess the body of another person. The downside to this is that if something were to happen to the disembodied spirit as it roamed the earth, the sleeping body would suffer. The irrational (inferior) soul is known as the p’ai or p’o. It is this soul that is believed to inhabit a fetus during pregnancy and also to remain in the body after death. It is said that if the p’ai or p’o is stronger enough, it can reanimate the corpse and use it to sustain its own needs. When this occurs, it is called a Chiang-Shih.
A Chiang-Shih is usually created when the host body undergoes a very violent death. It can be a suicide, hanging, drowning, or smothering. It can also be casued by an improper burials since it is believed that the dead become restless if the burial is postponed after death. Chiang-Shih are not known to rise from their graves so it is the postponement that causes their transformation.
The Chiang-Shih are nocturnal, like most vampires, and have a great difficulty crossing running water. It is said that they are vicious killers and often will tear the head or limbs from their victims. They have a strong sexual drive and have been known to attack and rape women. As their powers intensify, they gain the ability to fly, they grow long white hair, and can possibly shapeshift into wolves.
People protect themselves from th Chiang-Shi by using garlic or salt to ward them off. They are additionally chased off by loud noises and it is believed that they can be killed by thunder. Brooms are used to sweep a Chiang-Shi back to their place of rest and rice, iron fillings, and red peas are used as barriers against them. Once a Chiang-Shi has gained the power of flight and its white hair, it can only be killed by thunder or a bullet. The body of the Chiang-Shi must then be cremated.